Modular Cool Chambers


The Modular cool chamber is the answer to your needs of conservation and maintenance of frozen products for hotels, restaurants, catering companies, shops and industrial kitchens with specific dimensions.

It is the perfect solution for businesses with limited dimensions, which can not be used simply with one or more cabinets.

“ Available in 3 different heights”

Modular Chamber - with Floor

· For negative temperatures (temperature below water freezing point 0°C (32°F)).
· Reinforced floor panels.
· They have a resistant coating in phenolic non-slip.
· Class 3 classification certificate of Slip/Glide

Modular Chamber - Without Floor

· For positive temperatures.
· Special Floor “U” shape PVC profile
· Includes inner and outer plinth.
· Simple finish and impeccable aesthetics.

"Easy to assemble and disassemble"

Our camera can be divided by means of a partition divider in white / white panels.


The partition will be fixed by means of sheet metal profiles and self-tapping screws.


Want to know more about the Modular Cool Chamber? 

Find all the information you need in the Cool Chambers catalog (PDF file). 
File available in English and Spanish.